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Friday November 30, 1934

Went to town with Dad and saw Nan Jones Mitchell at the Captain Hotel.  Had a cup of coffee with Carsey while he ate breakfast.  Went to Wheat’s and weighed – Only 119!  I think her scales are naturally light.  We invited Joe Ben and his date DeLynn Fancher, Mrs. Wheat, Ellis, Irene and Mrs. Monk and Dorothy and Mr. Carsey over for “42” and Horoscopes.  Irene was sick but all of the others came.   Nice evening filled with Mahatma Gandhi (?), spinach, boiled eggs, and sand: and Sauscrit!! A little Forty Two was played by turning the dominoes out!  The last of the pineapple cake I took home, went that evening.






Here’s what else was happening 80-years-ago today:

The search is on for Mrs. Nelson and more news on the Lindberg case.

Clovis News-Journal 30 November 1934 • Page 1
Clovis News-Journal
30 November 1934 • Page 1