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Wednesday October 31, 1934

Taught from 8 – 12 and never so nearly went mad at them!  Everybody seemed to be on a tear!  Went to Sante Fe with Nina and jolly though these are the first symptoms I’ve seen of it! I enjoyed the trip. Got into Sante Fe about 6:30 ad Jeanette was waiting for me.  Bless her heart! She is the same as ever. I went to supper and came back to wait for Pauliver. Bruce Goards was there and he had left before she did from Dexter. We began to worry. She came about 9 and we found out that she had been in town as long as I but had forgotten the name of the hotel – We stayed at St Fidel. We talked until 12 and enjoyed each other thoroughly.

Here’s what else was happening 80-years-ago today:

Eight people die as tornadoes rip through Kentucky.

Tuesday October 30, 1934

Day  of Days! A letter from home and one from A. Carsey, too! Can hopes and dreams come true! If I go home Thanksgiving, he suggests that I go to El Paso with him for a day, maybe! Shall I try to go? Met Bernard this afternoon, he drove me home.  He said that if I went home Thanksgiving that he’d take me to Carlsbad, or wherever the family could meet me! Sweet boy! At 12 o’clock (near midnight) a Mr. Brown (Bonnie) friend of Pennie’s and Alyce Claire’s, came up to tell me he was starting for Carlsbad then and for me to come along! But seriously, he does go about twice a month and if the time was convenient to me, he’d be glad of my company!  Another way to get part way home! But he’d had a drink! What men



Here’s what else was happening 80-years-ago today:

A propsed new tax on payroll will pay for unemployment benefits.

The Scranton Republican 30 Oct 1934, Tue • Page 1
The Scranton Republican
30 Oct 1934, Tue • Page 1


Sunday October 28, 1934

Ate dinner with Nina and Gladys Palmer.   Chicken!  Went for a ride later to Tinnie and back. Saw quite a few autumn colors in trees and vines and fields.  Came back in time for League and Church.  Mr Adkins drove us around after church, discovered his new car among other things –

Here is what else was happening 80-years-ago today:

Chicago is worried about its fair.



What to Do With Horde of Those Made Jobless by Its Closing is a Puzzle


Three Plans Suggested in Regard to Them, but None is Wholly Satisfactory

The tax payer is feeling a bit chilly these days.

Albuquerque Journal · Sun, Oct 28, 1934 · Page 6
Albuquerque Journal · Sun, Oct 28, 1934 · Page 6

Saturday October 27, 1934

Deposited check. Wednesday I borrowed $100.00 to pay insurance – Paid $20 on that loan.  Paid bills – bought cheap school dress – looked at darling blue one!

Here’s what else was happening 80-years-ago today:

A new New Yorker hits the racks.

The New Yorker Cover - October 27, 1934 Premium Giclee Print

And here is the latest Science News

October 27, 1934

Science News

Friday October 26, 1934

Tennis when she was a bit younger.
Tennis when she was a bit younger.

Played tennis after school until sundown. Borrowed Tom Fletcher’s racket – Went on a steak-fry with Mrs. Burdette and the girls’ chorus at 6 at the park on S. Missouri.  Had a date with Bernard to the Washington Ave School Carnival.  Mr. and Mrs. Walden Bassett and Alyce Claire went too – We three went to the show afterwards to see “Kansas City Princess”  -Rather good-

Here’s what else was happening 80-years-ago today:


Popeye was on fire:


Tuesday October 23, 1934

No post today.

October 23, 1934 : Piccard Balloon Launch from Dearborn Reaches Stratosphere

Abraham Lincoln impersonator climbs aboard Pacard balloon
On October 23, 1934, the husband-and-wife team of Jean and Jeannette Piccard navigated a balloon as high as 10.9 miles above the earth, starting from Dearborn, Michigan, and landing many hours later hundreds of miles away in Ohio. This flight reached the stratosphere, and set the women’s altitude record for Jeanette, which she held until the early 1960s. Read more here.

Monday October 22, 1934

Date with Bernard for “Now and Forever” – Talked until midnight with him.

Here is what else was happening 80-years-ago today:

Charles Pretty Boy Floyd is killed by the FBI in East Liverpool, Ohio.  pb floydFloyd, had been a hotly pursued fugitive for four years. He reportedly used his last breath to deny his involvement in the infamous Kansas City Massacre, in which four officers were shot to death at a train station.

A new Time magazine is published.

time oct 22

And a Derby plane crashes killing 2 pilots in Rome.

The Times Oct 22, 1934
The Times Oct 22, 1934