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Friday October 5, 1934

Went to the Fair at night with Bernard. Saw exhibits and watched men perform on the top of high poles and swings.   Came back to find two people in my room!  Alyce Claire had gone to Tatum and sent them to her room to stay for their time at the Fair.  They were teachers from Tatum.  They thought my room was hers!  One of the Teachers was Rosemary Dillinger.

Here is a look at what else was happening 80-years-ago today:

world series 1934


Game 3 of the world series was played at Sportsman Park in front of 34,073 people.  Final Score: Detroit Tigers -1 St Louis Cardinals -4     Cardinal are ahead 2-1 in the series.




Lyndon B. Johnson was born a year before Elizabeth and he too was a teacher, he worked in Texas.  In 1930 he became a political aid.   On this day 80-years ago he was working for Congressman Richard M. Kleberg and writing a letter to his fiance Claudia Alta Taylor, also known as “Lady Bird”, of Karnack, Texas.


[Written on Congress of the United States, House of Representatives, R. M. Kleberg stationery][October 5, 1934]

Dear Bird;

Tho’ I kept at it until after one this morning I didn’t finish “my lessons” and now I’m afraid it will be necessary for me to spend my Saturday and Sunday “behind the bars.”

If the photographer keeps his word, about a week from now, you will get some proofs. Am have some Kodak pictures developed and they will probably be ready Tuesday. You saw all of them at San Marcos but I have need for some extra ones and, if interested, will send you what you want.

Haven’t heard from Welly in a week. Think he must be sick or out of town. Unless I’m still in Washington ‘Xmas I want to join him in a trip to Mexico City. For years we have planned it and I’m anxious to take it


before I get too old to appreciate some of the most interesting things to be seen and done. Since I came here I’ve seen so little of my real friends that sometimes I yearn for their company– almost like a child wanting to get to its mother.

My sister called last night and told me all about Mother and home. Daddy has a birthday the 11th and she didn’t want me to overlook it. I shan’t.

It is just now starting to get real cold. This afternoon I’ll have to get my big black heavy overcoat out of storage to cover up before I go out to play in the night air. Am always so afraid of colds. Just two years ago next month for 6 weeks


I was confined to bed with pneumonia. Three nurses, two visits daily by the doctor–didn’t make me forget that little boys should be more careful.

I hope you have your letter Sunday. You never tell me when you get them and in maybe we will have to arrange for a special Sunday service for the Karnack postmaster.

Did you forget to tell me that you received the N.Y. picture and the one for Alice? Say something about Welly’s cotton speech in some letter–if you want to. Be prepared for a surprize. I’ve never been too deliberate–Sometimes real hasty–but always confident. Am I too cocky?

Lyndon Baines

[Envelope postmarked: “Air Mail”, Washington, D.C., 10/5/1934, 1:30 PM]

[Transcript prepared by LBJ Library staff, January 2013]