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Monday October 1, 1934

No Post today – But things get exciting as Halloween approaches. ┬áBe sure to find out why October 30th is the “Day of Days!”

Here is what else was happening 80-years-ago today:

Oct 1st – Adolf Hitler expands German army & navy & creates an air force, violating Treaty of Versailles

A new issue of Scientific American is out. Some headlines could be from today. Other’s not so much.



  • Wings Over Water

    Increased Use of Water-Going Aircraft May Presage a New Era in Aerial Transportation

    Reginald M. Cleveland| October 1, 1934|

  • Uncle Sam, Ace Detective

    Herbert Fearon| October 1, 1934|

  • The Folly of Human Sterilization

    Ignatius W. Cox| October 1, 1934|

  • The Amateur and His Microscope–XII Some Tricks of the Trade

    John F. Brandt| October 1, 1934|

  • Strikes, Business, and Money

    In a desire to make for our readers a fair appraisal of important and timely economic problems

    James H. Rand Jr.| October 1, 1934|

  • Steel Arteries for Boulder Dam

    Pipes without parallel in modern engineering

    R. G. Skerrett| October 1, 1934|

  • Flowers in the Arctic

    James Montagnes| October 1, 1934|

  • Excavations in Ancient Athens

    T. Leslie Shear| October 1, 1934|

  • Dark-Rooms

    And Dark-Room Technique for the Advanced Amateur Photographer

    A. P. Peck| October 1, 1934|

  • America Must Be Self-Contained

    James W. Gerard| October 1, 1934|

  • Along Came a Spider

    The Little Black Widow Spider, Common in this Country, is More to be Feared than the Tarantula

    Nelson W M. Baker| October 1, 1934|