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Sunday November 4, 1934

Happiness Ahead (1934) PosterLetter from Jonathon says that “Green Pastures” and the Russian Cosack Chorus are coming to English’s in Indianapolis and asks which shall he see!  I hope he can see both! Dr. Crile preached farily well this morning. Bernard is killed that Dr. Henderson is not returning. I knew he would be! Mr. Gill (John) sang and everyone enjoyed him!  Am rather looking for Dad this afternoon – (later) Have looked for him all afternoon but I guess he won’t come – Went to see “Happiness Ahead” with “Pop goes my Heart” for theme song.  Quite good!



Here ‘s what else was happening 80-years-ago today:

The mid-term election was still 2 days away.

nov 4
The Post-Register 4 Nov 1934, Sun • Page 1