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Sunday November 18, 1934

Dr. Linebaughs first sermon (Fair!) Went to dinner with Burdette’s in exchange (as she said) for teaching a class for her!  Jimmy Sanders sang “The Prayer Perfect. ”

I still think the words are beautiful but the music was not up to par.  Rode around in the afternoon – Bro Meadows (P.S.) preached in the evening – Best sermon I’ve heard this fall.   Bernard brought me home.  Have not had a chance to get lonesome for Alyce Claire!  Wore my new dress – everybody likes it!


Here ‘s what else was happening 80-years-ago today:

Admiral Byrd reports a big discovery.

A number of geological and biological scientific programs were accomplished during the Second Byrd Antarctic Expedition. On September 27, Harold June, Ken Rawson, J. H. Von der Wall and Carl Peterson set out on tractor No. 1 pulling two sledges with 7600 pounds of cargo. On October 11 they sighted McKinley Peak and the Haines Mountains to the north. The next day the men climbed to the summit of McKinley Peak and determined, after making sun and star observations, that the mountain was approximately 37 miles west of its previously estimated position. The party arrived back at Little America on October 18 after completing a round trip of 525 statute miles. This had been the first time that exploration had been carried on to such an extent in Antarctica by means of mechanized land transpor

Montana Butte Standard 18 Nov 1934, Sun • Page 1
Montana Butte Standard
18 Nov 1934, Sun • Page 1