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Tuesday November 6, 1934

Election Day!  I don’t know whom I’d vote for if I were voting, but I can’t yet!  Had a sore throat and started a grand cold. Ate supper with Penny and Alyce Claire at the Busy Bee!  Letter from Ty-Ty with a not again from Dad saying he will be up to visit me as soon as he can get a ride to Carlsbad!  Hope that’s soon – Asked Mr Villard about getting  off the Friday after Thanksgiving and he said he thought I could get a sub all right! Girls Chorus tonight didn’t get much practicing done! Everything seems to be at a standstill.

Here’s what else was happeing 80-years-ago today:

Memphis joined Tennessee Valley Authority 75 years ago


And elections are underway.

Clovis News-Journal 6 November 1934 • Page 1
Clovis News-Journal
6 November 1934 • Page 1