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Thursday November 15, 1934

Kept Dorothy Littlefield in until 5 o’clock, the wort!  It is too hard on me.   Had no lunch- my week on duty!  Was to play tennis at 4 – missed out on that – choir practice at 7 and P.T.A. at 7:30!  Some life – Here it is Thursday and I am just finding out that this is book week!  Speaking of my being behind times, you are right. Penny was somewhat drunk when we got back, and ready to go to the Ladies Night at the Elks Club.  I was too tired (?) but Alyce Claire started out with her in a car!  It is not worth it for me! Maybe I am missing the chance of a lifetime, who knows, who cares? Selected 3 of the 5 speaking parts in the Christmas play.

Here’s what else was happening 80-years-ago today:

A contested election and recovery is the focus for the president.

Clovis News-Journal 15 November 1934 • Page 1
Clovis News-Journal
15 November 1934 • Page 1

Manila Threatened By Approaching Typhoon

MANILA, Nov. 15 (TP). — Manila held its breath early today as the third destructive typhoon within a month threatened the city. Warning siren blasts were sounded in the downtown section. Meager reports indicated the approaching tempest, which already had isolated three provinces, might be of more severe nature than the one which caused 87 deaths and rendered 21,000 persons homeless in Manila and nearby provinces October 1(5.