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Saturday November 3, 1934

Started home about 8:30 – Arrived about 3:30. Stopped in Vaughn for lunch. Uneventful trip for me were rather tired, all of us!  After going to the P.O. and thru town, I decided to practice for tomorrow.  A Mr. Gill who was to sing Sunday, came to practice. He had a good voice and after practicing he offered to take me home – Before we got home he invited me to supper! I accepted. His uncle is Walter Gill – After supper we rode out toward Clovis and he sang to me, every type of song.   I love to hear him – He also quoted poetry that was original but not so good. I am home about 8:15 because I thought I might have a word from or about Dad. None- Saw in the paper that Dr. Henderson has been transferred to Arkansas Conference.
Here’s what else was happening 80-years-ago today:

Believe it or not there were negative political ads.

Here we have a political advertisement from the Nov. 3, 1934, Lancaster Daily Gazette, one which for all its ferocity was a mere inset in a lengthy two-page harangue by Renick W. Dunlap, Congressman Mell G. Underwood’s opponent that year.

It must have been a lively campaign, but Mr. Dunlap lost anyway, 57 percent to 43 percent.

A new New Yorker and Saturday Evening Post plus Science News.

Lighting the Pumpkin by Eugene Iverd November 3, 1934



The New Yorker Cover - November 3, 1934 Premium Giclee Print


November 3, 1934