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Wednesday November 14, 1934

Played for chorus to sing at State P.T.A. program and also for operetta “The Bell of Bagdad” I believe- “Why the Chimes Rang” came – In afternoon got Pete’s Tennis racket to play with Mrs. Martens, Hazel and Alyce Claire – Charlotte St. John and Mrs. Elizabeth Tignor Murphy were also going to play with us.  All courts were either wet or full! Special memorial communion service at church. Jonathon wrote me of his grades.  Good English Magazine came yesterday.

Here’s what else was happening 80-years-ago today:


The most ambitious slum clearance in New York City has been agreed today by the PWA ( Public Works Administration ) and New York City. It was part of the New Deal that offered low cost public housing.   A metor shower is in the works.

El Paso Herald-Post 14 Nov 1934, Wed
El Paso Herald-Post
14 Nov 1934, Wed