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Friday November 2, 1934

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8th Gov. of N.M.

Had breakast with Agnes Bartlett, Nell Felgar, Betty Evans, Betty Martin, Eula Tucker, and Jeanette. Had a good time with that Gallup bunch.  Went to the English Section – quite intersting – Saw Corona Dillinea but not to speak to. Saw  Mrs. Emerson from Vegas and Fay Heath. Had seen Magelle and Creighton Brown the day before. Bought two pair of earings at the five-and-dime – Went by the Art Museum and saw a picture of  Ex. Gov. Dillon. I think, done by Mr. Morris.  Went to the show with Pauline – saw “Mr. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch” – Not the Mr. Wiggs I’d pictured at all!

Mahota and Margie (her sister) ate supper with us.  I went with M. to her room to visit until  Jeanette and Pauline came by to go to the play.  Sante Fe players put on “Sure Fire” a story of Billy the Kid.  Fairly well done but a part of the scenery fell in the last scene.  Tsk! Tsk! Destroyed the effectiveness, Between-the-act numbers were typical Mexican songs of an orchestra dressed as charros.  Played several  numbers I learned last summer. After the play, the floor was cleared for dancing. I talked with Mr. Berckness for a while at first.  Danced with Pete, Mr. Herbert and Emery.  Promised 3 others but they stopped.  I had started too late!  Pete took us back to the hotel and on the way we stopped to get something to drink.  Jeanette and Pauline were good and ordered hot chocolate. I ordered what Pete did, sherry and port wine.  I didn’t like the sherry so he drank most of it but the port wine was good.  Nearly 3 o’clock when we retired. Did I feel a bit “woosey”?  – not serious though.

Here’s what else was happening 80-years-ago today:

War is brewing in Europe.

Altoona Tribune 2 Nov 1934, Fri • Page 1
Altoona Tribune
2 Nov 1934, Fri • Page 1