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Saturday November 24, 1934

Practiced and went to Mrs. Burdettes’ to sew on my blouse.  Stayed in for supper of doughnuts and coffee

.  The Dude Ranger (1934) PosterThen went to see Geo O’Brien in “The Dude Ranger” or something like that – Found when I returned that Pauline had been trying to get me on the telephone! Sorry to have missed her.  Wrote to Jonathon, Pauline, and the family.

Here’s what else was happening 80-years-ago today:

Three children were found under a blanket in the Pennsylvania Woods.   The childrens’ father and step-father  were presumed to be the murderer’s of the babes in the woods.

A new New Yorker is out.

and Zaweaksh, The Prince Rupert 1934 Sea-Monster was making headlines.