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Thursday November 1, 1934

Went to breakfast at the Mayflower and saw Euls, Marian, Becky, Miss Davis, Mahota, her sisters and others – Alyce Claire stayed at Bishop’s Lodge but ate breakfast with us – Jeanette and Pauline went to a meeting.  Alyce Claire and I fooled around met friends of hers and rode around.  Saw several old-timers. Roman Cochran Barton was there – a teacher in Santa Rosa. Her husband seems to be in Hawaii. Ate lunch with the Reganshergs, Margaret James and a friend.  Saw Henderson but not home. Went to a part of the afternoon session. Saw Richard Sheppard, Hubert Lindhal and May DeGeorge from Gallup who played in the All-State Band! Had dinner with Pete in a charming, Mexican – arty place on Manhattan St. called Chamiza Inn. Several Roswell teachers there.   Rode around later but decided we wouldn’t go to the dance. I got rather disgusted with him because he practically went to sleep!  I was tired but not so much as to show it so badly!  Came back about 10:30 and talked a long time again.


Here’s what else was happening 80-years-ago today. Ginger Rogers is getting married and war is brewing.

The Evening Independent 1 Nov 1934, Thu • Page 1
The Evening Independent
1 Nov 1934, Thu • Page 1