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Tuesday November 20, 1934

Bernard called – told of plans for going home Thanksgiving – May come around tomorrow.  I wish people would be more definite!  Letter from home tells of pounding – and Carsey sick.  Went to see One Act Plays by Honor Society – Good – but I know know the names of any of them! Rained this afternoon – Been cold all day.


Here’s what else was happening 80-years-ago today: A groom is the primary suspect in the murder of his fiance and their priest.  And how big was the Roosevelt turkey?

Albuquerque Journal
Albuquerque Journal
Lubbock Morning Avalanche 17 Nov 1934, Sat • Page 6
Lubbock Morning Avalanche
17 Nov 1934, Sat • Page 6

Sunday November 18, 1934

Dr. Linebaughs first sermon (Fair!) Went to dinner with Burdette’s in exchange (as she said) for teaching a class for her!  Jimmy Sanders sang “The Prayer Perfect. ”

I still think the words are beautiful but the music was not up to par.  Rode around in the afternoon – Bro Meadows (P.S.) preached in the evening – Best sermon I’ve heard this fall.   Bernard brought me home.  Have not had a chance to get lonesome for Alyce Claire!  Wore my new dress – everybody likes it!


Here ‘s what else was happening 80-years-ago today:

Admiral Byrd reports a big discovery.

A number of geological and biological scientific programs were accomplished during the Second Byrd Antarctic Expedition. On September 27, Harold June, Ken Rawson, J. H. Von der Wall and Carl Peterson set out on tractor No. 1 pulling two sledges with 7600 pounds of cargo. On October 11 they sighted McKinley Peak and the Haines Mountains to the north. The next day the men climbed to the summit of McKinley Peak and determined, after making sun and star observations, that the mountain was approximately 37 miles west of its previously estimated position. The party arrived back at Little America on October 18 after completing a round trip of 525 statute miles. This had been the first time that exploration had been carried on to such an extent in Antarctica by means of mechanized land transpor

Montana Butte Standard 18 Nov 1934, Sun • Page 1
Montana Butte Standard
18 Nov 1934, Sun • Page 1

Friday November 16, 1934

Invited to buffet supper and bridge at the beautiful home of the St. John’s by Charlotte, in honor of Hazel Hanson-Lovely meal. Must write Ty-Ty about the sweet potato in orange halces and individual mini pies with cheese slice.   I didn’t win low score –  though I expected to, for I stayed at Table IV (there were 5 tables) all evening!  Shopped in the afternoon for a dress to wear tonight but no luck!  It rained, lightninged and thundered from 6 o’clock until almost eleven!  Gorgeous rain – Got a check today, Hurray!

Here’s what else was happening 80-years-ago today:

Winston Churchill Warns of Nazi Germany

Thursday November 15, 1934

Kept Dorothy Littlefield in until 5 o’clock, the wort!  It is too hard on me.   Had no lunch- my week on duty!  Was to play tennis at 4 – missed out on that – choir practice at 7 and P.T.A. at 7:30!  Some life – Here it is Thursday and I am just finding out that this is book week!  Speaking of my being behind times, you are right. Penny was somewhat drunk when we got back, and ready to go to the Ladies Night at the Elks Club.  I was too tired (?) but Alyce Claire started out with her in a car!  It is not worth it for me! Maybe I am missing the chance of a lifetime, who knows, who cares? Selected 3 of the 5 speaking parts in the Christmas play.

Here’s what else was happening 80-years-ago today:

A contested election and recovery is the focus for the president.

Clovis News-Journal 15 November 1934 • Page 1
Clovis News-Journal
15 November 1934 • Page 1

Manila Threatened By Approaching Typhoon

MANILA, Nov. 15 (TP). — Manila held its breath early today as the third destructive typhoon within a month threatened the city. Warning siren blasts were sounded in the downtown section. Meager reports indicated the approaching tempest, which already had isolated three provinces, might be of more severe nature than the one which caused 87 deaths and rendered 21,000 persons homeless in Manila and nearby provinces October 1(5.

Wednesday November 14, 1934

Played for chorus to sing at State P.T.A. program and also for operetta “The Bell of Bagdad” I believe- “Why the Chimes Rang” came – In afternoon got Pete’s Tennis racket to play with Mrs. Martens, Hazel and Alyce Claire – Charlotte St. John and Mrs. Elizabeth Tignor Murphy were also going to play with us.  All courts were either wet or full! Special memorial communion service at church. Jonathon wrote me of his grades.  Good English Magazine came yesterday.

Here’s what else was happening 80-years-ago today:

The most ambitious slum clearance in New York City has been agreed today by the PWA ( Public Works Administration ) and New York City. It was part of the New Deal that offered low cost public housing.   A metor shower is in the works.

El Paso Herald-Post 14 Nov 1934, Wed
El Paso Herald-Post
14 Nov 1934, Wed

Tuesday November 13, 1934

Mr. and Mrs. Teague came by on their way to Carlsbad and on South still looking for a ranch.  They might go through Van Horn – Bernard and I went over to Dwight and Velma’s and played cards.  Velma is getting over a broken ankle and Betty the little girl is recovering from a fall from their car – Sent Dit my brown dress and hat for the Albuquerque trip.

Here’s what else was happening 80-years-ago today:

Director Gary Marshall is born.

Monday November 12, 1934

Everyone had a vacation except school today!  Went to Velma’s in afternoon to invite them for supper but Pete was to be busy – Velma, Alyce Claire and I ate at the Busy Bee and later saw “Servant’s Entrance” with Lew Ayres and Janet Gaynor.

Yesterday afternoon we saw “The Count of Monte Cristo” with Robert Donat and Elissa Landi – Grand!  It rained at night-

Here’s what else was happening 80-years-ago today:

A new Time magazine is pubished and Charles Manson is born.

Sunday November 11, 1934

Farewell service for Mrs. Henderson at 5- League at 6:30.  Bernard and I went to Pete’s and Velma’s and played anagrams until 11:30 nearly. Velma was hungry so we joined her in bacon, eggs, toast amd cocoa.

Here’s what else was happening 80-years-ago today:   The absentee vote does not change the election results – now fraud is charged.     The State of Arizona in trouble with the government over the construction of the Parker Dam “Whiskey is for drinking – Water is for fighting”and its Armistice Day.

Albuquerque Journal Nov 11. 1934
Albuquerque Journal Nov 11. 1934
The Brownsville Herald Nov 11, 1934
The Brownsville Herald Nov 11, 1934