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Thursday December 20, 1934

Finished Christmas packing and shopping. Got my new coat – like it muchly.  Found out I could go home by Pecos much easier so I called the family long distance and told him so!  Seemed nice to hear his voice – wished I’d asked to say hello to some of the others – seemed late (12 by their time) to have them up!  Packed and got ready to leave early tomorrow (3 P.M.)

Here’s what else happened 80-years-ago today:

A rape trial in the small town of Shelbyville, Tennessee ends in riots, death and destruction.   The second German rocket is successfully launched 3.5 meters into the sky over the North Sea a Stratosphere Rocket is set to launch from Roswell.

Colvis News - Journal Dec 20, 1934
Colvis News – Journal Dec 20, 1934
  Letters to Santa – Rockdale Reporter, December 20, 1934
Dear Santa: I am a little boy nine year old.  I want you to bring me some candy, and a bicycle for Christmas.
I want you to bring me a cap-gun and a air-gun and lots of firecrackers.  Please bring my little brother a
little red wagon and my sister a little doll.  I want you to bring me lots of nuts.  Be good to other
children.  Don’t forget the poor ones.
Your friend, George Yoakum Jr.
Dear Santa: Please bring me a trunk, a doll, a bracelet, a clock, a little book, a tricycle, and some fruit
and nuts.  Please come to see the other children, and don’t forget my sister.
Your friend, Annie May Denham.
Dear Santa: Please bring me a blackboard and a chair, a little Orphan Annie book. Lots of fruit and cancy,
and some scissors too.  Also please bring me some nuts and paste and come to see other children.
Your friend, Melba Wildman.
Dear Santa: Please bring me a car, a play horse, a play cat, a wagon, a tractor, firecrackers, a little play
gun, and some candy, nuts and fruit.
Your friend, Ludy Coldiron.