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Saturday December 1, 1934

Nan Jones Mitchell got me out of bed about 9:30.  She stayed until 11:00. Worked on blouses.  That night I had a date with Carsey and Jamie with Aletha Sockwell (Mrs. Breedlove’s sister) to eat an enchilada supper and go to the show.The Scarlet Empress (1934) Poster  Saw Marlene Dietrich in ” The Scarlet Empress” Settings all right but not enough story – Afterwards we played Bridge at the Hotel but I am afraid I was a drawback to Carsey’s natural good playing.  I really am no player – I invited him to go with Jamie and me to Carlsbad on Sunday when I left – and so did Jamie.






Here’s what else was happening 80-years-ago today:

Sergei Kirov.jpg
Sergei Kirov Серге́й Миро́нович Ки́ров

There is unrest in Russia when Russian revolutionary Bolshevik leader Sergey Kurov is murdered presumably ordered by Communist dictator  Joseph Stalin. The Kirov assassination trials marked the beginning of Stalin’s massive four-year purge of Soviet society, in which millions of people were imprisoned, exiled, or killed




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