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Tuesday December 11, 1934

Date for P.T.A. Program with Christmas Play set for Monday night!  Assembly performance on Friday week at one o’clock! Checked on my account and discovered I have $27 – beside my dividend for $27* from the First National in Gallup – Lucky Me!  Wrote letters at night.

*$27 in 1934 is = to $476.69 today!

Here’s what else was happening 80-years-ago today:

Huey Long on the campaign circuitThe former Governor of Louisiana, Huey P. Long,  known as “The Kingfish” makes a speech titled Share the Wealth, click here to read it.

Photo courtesy of hueylong.com


courtesy the Saturday Evening Post

On December 11, 1934, William Griffith Wilson, known as Bill W.,  took his last drink of . He didn’t know it at the moment, nor did he know he was about to start a new chapter in his life, and the lives of thousands of Americans.  He and a physician went on to create Alcoholic’s Anonymous.   Read the article from The Saturday Evening Post here.

A fire breaks out in the Kern Hotel in Michigan killing 32 people including 7 state senators, 44 others are injured.   Blizzards were creating havoc on the East coast and there was mystery in the Galapagos, a movie coming soon on the saga.

Clovis News-Journal (Clovis, New Mexico) 11 December 1934 • Page 1
Clovis News-Journal
(Clovis, New Mexico)
11 December 1934 • Page 1