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Saturday December 8, 1934

Put Glover’s Mange stuff on my hair last night so I had it washed early this morning.  Pauline was up.  Fixed my choir gown except for pressing – Bernard came by and Alyce Claire and I went over to Pete’s and Velma’s.  Caught them about to eat supper.  Played Hearts and laughed ourselves sick!  More fun – Back at 12:30!

Here’s what else was happening 80-years-ago today:

Betty and John Stam Martyred

American  Missionaries John and Betty Stam were beheaded in the Chinese town of Miaoshou, after being taken prisoner by the Red Army.  Betty managed to hide their 3 month old baby,  Helen, in some sleeping bags.  She was found two days later by a Chinese Pastor and taken to her grandparents who were also missionaries in China.   Eventually Helen was returned to the United States and raise by her Aunt and Uncle.

A new Saturday Evening Post titled Airmail Pilot is out.