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Sunday August 26, 1934

(no entry)  We know she is spending time with family in El Paso and preparing for the move to Roswell for her second teaching job.

Here’s what else was happening 80-years-ago today:

The biggest boxing event ever staged in Germany was held in Hamburg, as 90,000 fans watched former champion Max Schmeling begin his bid for a comeback by knocking out Walter Neusel in the ninth round


A little note about things to look forward to. You will never believe who Carsey pal’s around with and she finds a doppelganger!


Music was a big part of her life. Being a minister’s child the Lancaster’s were always surrounded by music. Elizabeth was fabulous on both the piano and the organ. She grew up playing during service while her father preached. After she retired, she offered piano lessons out of her home and left a lasting memory on her students. It was this July, on facebook, that I found these comments from a post reminiscing about the neighborhood you grew up in…



E.S.V Piano lessons with Mrs. Carsey.

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J.Z.D Yes, Mrs Carsey. We used to go over for her homemade Popsicles after riding our bikes all day.

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I thanked them for remembering her….and got this!

E.S.V.  Mrs. Carsey was one of a kind, and I could never forget her. I’m glad I had the privilege of being one of her piano students!

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G.G. Man me too!

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B.L.  I remember Mrs. Carsey, she was always a nice lady.

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W.B.P.  I remember that Mrs Carsey would make me chocolate milk and cinnamon toast after my piano lessons…such a thoughtful and extraordinary lady. Sure miss her.

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And each December those students became stars!    At Arnold’s request her annual recital would happen during the holidays.   Each student would take turns playing their music, each spectator would be handed have a book of Carol’s and would be expected to sing.    How fun that was – I looked forward to it each year. I’d love to hear from some of those students – ‘er stars – on the experience.

Many of the neighborhood students knew she played the organ, piano and hand bells at her church, but she also volunteered, for years, at the Spanish Methodist Church across town; a place I’m sure she fit in quite well.