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Saturday August 25, 1934

(no entry) We know she is spending time with family in El Paso and preparing for the move to Roswell,  NM for her second teaching job.

A note about what to expect before the end of the year. A WEDDING!  Yes there will be a wedding before 1935!  Can’t wait to share it with you.
Here’s what else was happening 80-years-ago today:
Coat of arms of Jordan.png
The Coat of arms of Jordan was made the official emblem of the country.
Hack Wilson of the Philadelphia Phillies played in his final major league game, getting a 2-RBI base hit as a pinch hitter against the Pittsburgh Pirates

In the meantime, here is a little bit about where Elizabeth came from.  Her middle name Whipple is the maiden name of her mother. – Elsie Whipple.

elsie portrait
Elsie Whipple

That was often the tradition in those days – to pass along a maiden name to the first born female.    This was one area she would make a face – she was not fond of Whipple for a middle name.   In fact, after she was married she kept Lancaster rather than Whipple.  Interestingly enough, there is an entire genealogy site dedicated to the Whipple’s.   I just discovered it as I researched the family for this site.   I had heard through the years, that many of the relatives were college educated.   In fact, somewhere there is a photograph of a great-great relation, receiving a diploma  from Brown University in Boston.   That relative was one of only two woman to receive a degree that year- the photo was taken some time in the late 1800′s.   In fact, it was expected that Elizabeth go to college and as the oldest she was also expected to send money to help pay for the younger siblings higher education.    All five earned at least a bachelor degree.   If you venture onto the Whipple website – you will see big names: Susan B. Anthony,   Calvin Coolidge, Franklin D. Roosevelt – believe it or not, there have been three US war ships named Whipple.

USS Whipple
USS Whipple

Notorious things and people connected to such a simple woman.  She would never drop names or boast about those she did not know.  But if you ever attended a “Lunch Bunch” meeting after church on Sunday – you would hear her brag.!   No gossip ever crossed her lips – but detailed explanation of the latest accomplishment of one of her son’s  -and/or     grandchildren was always allowed – and told with that familiar sparkle.    Much like the details she wrote daily in her journal.   I was surprised that she could make a pair of broken glasses or a pillow on a train ride so engaging.   My father tells me she was passionate about writing.   Yep, I think she was!  Thanks grandma for allowing us to go back in time!