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Wednesday August 15, 1934

Worked on themes for an hour.  Carsey came at 9:30. We had planned to go visit the school of the little girl where he stays.  Her English class came at 8:30 so we decided to visit it some other time.  Went instead to the Monte de Piedad again.  They were so picked over that we decided not to get one.  We took a car to Atzcapalzalco and viewed the surroundings.


Saw the church.  Today is the day of Acension or something of some virgin so they were having church.  We stayed several minutes and couldn’t hear the priest say a word- only the boys ringing bells so we sat outside in what used to be the monastery garden.

 Later we walked around the town, down an old, winding road and ate peanuts!  Bought some mangoes and bananas to eat in a park.  I spilled the mango quite successfully on my dress and Carsey’s trousers, letting it fall to the ground, so I contented myself with a banana!  Came to town about 3p.m., didn’t want any lunch.  Carsey went to the bank for some money and they gave it to him (some largish amount) in silver dollars!  Had to go to Sanborn’s to get it changed into bills so his pockets wouldn’t drop out.   Put bills in my purse and forgot to take them out at night.
Went to Tlalpan on another car!  Entered a pretty garden that turned out to be a beer garden so we ordered!——-coffee!  And it started to rain – just poured for about an hour.  I got cold because I had no coat.  Came back to town and decided to see a show.  There were no seats left for the “House of Rothschild” and I was loathe to go home we walked down to see Dolores Del Rio in “Madame Du Barry”.   Saw Dick Barthelmess in “Massacre” too.   Fair.  Got home almost frozen, at 11:30.