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Sunday August 19, 1934

Slept until 11:30.   Ate dinner at 2.   Wrote home and to Miss Cowan!

floating garden

Decided to go to Xochimilco in the afternoon.  Bought some bananas, tangerines, peanuts, and tacos.   Nice night but cloudy – Ate Supper (?) and almost thought there was a moon.  Stayed at the halfway place to listen the orchestra music.   It started to sprinkle so we told the boatman to take us home.


Before we got back we had moved several times to avoid leaks in the roof but it was no use.   So we just proceeded to get soaked!   Went to the landing and waited a bit before starting for the street car.   It had rained so much that the streets were rivers.

Carsey carried me across one street and I got no wetter than I had been – We bought a taco each at the “portal” and could have eaten another but the “tren” came. They were hot!


The ride to town wasn’t as bad because of the upholstered seats and the fact the doors weren’t often opened on the way.   But from the Zocalo home it wasn’t quite so comfortable.    He finally put on his coat though I don’t see how it could have helped much!