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Friday August 17, 1934

Finished papers and took them to school.  Brought back a carved wood hot plate and tile for Fay.  In the afternoon saw people going into the National Theatre.

National Theatre Mexico City
National Theatre Mexico City
Fay wanted to go so we, after chasing to the Departamento de Educacion finally got permission to go through! The secretary gave us the magic name of Monterde to get us through if by no other means. We didn’t need it.  She was much impressed and I took back the idea that I could not appreciate it so much the third time as the first!  Went home to find that Elena had deaath holiday12not brought Fays washing back so she decided not to leave Mexico until tomorrow night – Went to the show with Carsey and me to see “Death Takes a Holiday” 
Very Good but we wished we had seen this one last night and “Casa de Rothschild” tonight – the latter was better.  Saw Rothschild Fils Paris on a carriage wheel in the comment of Churubusco!