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Saturday August 18, 1934

Chapultepec Park
Chapultepec Park

 Walked with Fay through Chalpultepec Park in the morning.   We couldn’t find  anything: animals, aquarium or botanical gardens!  Not even the childrens playground!

Got my hair fixed this afternoon –

train station
Buena Vista Station

Carsey came and helped us get the bags etc to the station – Re-validated her ticket.  Had to buy tickets to Tacuba, second class in order to go out to the train.  That’s the only time I can remember seeing Carsey show the least bit of temper – Can’t blame him, tho.    Davis’ were there, having just seen Alice McDuffey off.   Was raining but after getting her out the train we started for the Regis.

It took a bus, street car and libre* to get us there!   I was somewhat damp in the shoes.   Sat in the balcony until the Don Quixote dinning room opened at 10:30.
tskSaw Minnie Mae McAlister and her Fiance, Mr. Halsbeck (?) (56 years old, she’s 23!)    Earl Dawson and Dignomitty**  at the dance.   Good Music – stayed until it was over – On the way home we wished that the libre would get a flat tire – Instead it ran out of gas but quite close to a filling station. (Grrr!) and we got home soon.   Had left the key at home and I had to wake Mr. Ruiz to get in.   I was certainly embarrassed!
**Can’t make out the name.