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Monday August 13, 1934

Went to Betsta’s class and cut the rest.  Strolled through Chapultepec Park and saw Botanical Gardens.

Chapultepec Park. Mexico City
Chapultepec Park. Mexico City
Ate a mango – Came home to find a letter from Jaimie with $20!!*   Went to change it
– Saw Nell Blackstock and that group who were about to go through Natl Theatre – Carsey and I went thru again – Heard the organ!  I paid him my debt of a cup of coffee and we came home –
Before going to the Theatre we went to El Monte de Piedad to find ourselves pens but they won’t be sold until Tomorrow!
Fay lost her rain cape yesterday but found it today – She was luckier than I with my umbrella – Got letters from Mahota & Martha Corran.
*(note:$20.00 in 1934 had the same buying power as $353.10 in 2014)