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Thursday January 7, 1937

The story continues with the second journal.  This is an entry from her personal diary, diary 2by Elizabeth Lancaster Carsey 80-years-ago. Click here to read more.

Letter from Carsey asking me to go over to Hobbs tomorrow for a game with Roswell but it seems unwise. No one is going anyway but the team!


Tuesday night

Dear Miss Lancaster:

Since you left nothing has happened worth writing about, and more than anything else, I have been readjusting myself to Hobbs without Elizabeth.  Tho you only stayed a few days, I became accustomed to being with  you.

I could write a couple of pages of flattering things they said about you in the office and around, besides of course, the old joke that always comes. I liked what Mrs. Roper said best of all.  She said that she liked to have you at the house because you were at ease and seemed at home.  Both Tom and his wife were insistent that I bring you back sometime.

Hobbs High School is to play Roswell in basketball next Friday night.  Why not come up with somebody?  If you can, we’ll eat at Masters or somewhere & see the game that night.

I think you owe me a picture of yourself since I didn’t get to take a picture of you when you were here.  I still have the films unexposed.

After I left you Saturday night, I curled up in the back seat of Pete’s car and went to sleep and was not awakened until he opened the care door at Dixie’s house in Hobbs.  Even then I was still asleep and in a kind of daze in the restaurant where we went to eat a piece of pie.  So I was not very tired the next day as I thought I might be.  However, I couldn’t get you off my mind all day yesterday and only to a certain extent today for some reason.

Our camp tennis court is complete now, with the best back stop I ever say in one, and if you come up again sometime, we can play tennis on it. The caliche that they spread over the court, however, is not so good in my opinion.  The back stop is 20 feet high, and extends all round (it is more than a back stop isn’t it!)

This is an empty letter! Nothing has happened, And besides that, Wayne King is on and I can’t think.

So until another time, Iam.


    No. 461-05-9381

Here’s what else was happening 80-years-ago today

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Princess Juliana of the Netherlands married Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld at The Hague

Jack Benny, Mary Livingston. George Burns, and Gracie Allen walk the red carpet. January 7, 1937.
Jack Benny, Mary Livingston. George Burns, and Gracie Allen walk the red carpet.
Chicago Daily Tribune Jan 7, 1937
Chicago Daily Tribune Jan 7, 1937