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Tuesday July 7, 1936

The story continues with the second journal.  This is an entry from her personal diary, by Elizabeth Lancaster Carsey 80-years-ago. Click here to read more

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Here’s what else was happening 80-years-ago today

The First NBC / RCA Television Broadcast Is Recorded on Film

 Henry F. Phillips receives patents for a new kind of screw and the new screwdriver needed to make it work.

A court-martial in Tokyo sentenced 17 leaders of the February 26 Incident to death. 49 others were given prison sentences ranging from 18 months to life.


The National League beat the American League 4-3 in the 4th Major League Baseball All-Star Game at National League Park in Boston.


People in St Paul,  Minnesota sleep outside to escape the heat during the 1936 Heat Wave which killed an estimated 900 people in Minnesota and about 5,000 nationwide.



Chicago Daily Tribune July 7, 1936
Chicago Daily Tribune July 7, 1936