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Monday April 19, 1937

The story continues with the second journal.  This is an entry from her personal diary, diary 2by Elizabeth Lancaster Carsey 80-years-ago. Click here to read more.

 Sent applications with pictures to Amarillo, Tucson, Las Vegas Nevada, Colorado Springs, Flagstaff and Albuquerque! Hope for some luck!


Here’s what else was happening 80-years-ago today

aGeneralissimo Francisco Franco unified the Falangists and Carlists into a single party called the Falange Española Tradicionalista y de las Juntas de Ofensiva Nacional Sindicalista.


The Non-Intervention Committee agreed to establish patrols of Spain’s coasts. The patrols were authorized to determine the destination of vessels but not to carry out search and seizure operations. Germany and Italy were to monitor Republican ships while Britain and France would monitor the Nationalists. This scheme proved to be ineffective since the Germans could use ships flying the Panamanian or Liberian flags and unload their cargo in Portugal with the complicity of authorities there.

Sir Anthony-Eden number 10 Official.jpg
Sir Anthony Eden

Anthony Eden told the House of Commons that the government would investigate reports that poison gas had been shipped from Germany to Spain.



Walter Young of Canada won the Boston Marathon

Image result for walter young boston marathon

Image result for april 19, 1937President Roosevelt opens the baseball season.

The “Heater from Van Meter” is on the cover of this week’s Time Magazine

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The Chicago Daily Tribune April 19, 1937