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Friday January 10, 1936

(This is an entry from the journal entitled Mexico Summer written by Elizabeth Lancaster Carsey 80-years-ago.  Click here to read more)

Sent Carsey’s letter along with one to Jeanette and cards to Silver City & Van Horn.  The dramatic club gave “The Robe of Wood”  by John Golden with a sub in the main part. I wasn’t so bad though – Alyce Claire went to Tatum in case Joyce’s “party” was pulled off  this week end! I went to  Mrs. Martens for Mexican Supper, Mrss Garrett and Charlotte St. John were there.   Played Rook and Cribbage after supper.  Very good time. Rosemary Wilrand(?) and husband & mother in-law were ever so he could take a Civil Service Exam. Rosemary & Oliver stayed in Alyce Claire’s room.  Five more school days in this semester!  Mr. heath has the mumps!  Poe Corn, too!

Here’s what else was happening 80-years-ago today

Miguel Mariano Gomez (contrast enhanced).tif
Miguel Mariano Gómez

General elections were held in Cuba. Miguel Mariano Gómez was elected the country’s new president.


The Dominican Republic‘s capital city of Santo Domingo was renamed Ciudad Trujillo (Trujillo City), after the country’s ruler Rafael Trujillo

Election poster of the French Socialist Party (SFIO)

The far-right political league Croix-de-Feu was dissolved in France and the French Social Party was formed.

Division of class is a political issue.

Chicago Daily Tribune Jan 10, 1936 pg 2
Chicago Daily Tribune Jan 10, 1936 pg 2
Chicago Daily Tribune Jan 10, 1936
Chicago Daily Tribune Jan 10, 1936