Saturday June 27, 1936

diary 2The story continues with the second journal.  This is an entry from her personal diary, by Elizabeth Lancaster Carsey 80-years-ago. Click here to read more

Went swimming at 6 am today with Matha Jane Walker and Bessie Ferina.  Had a grand time.   Dad came in yesterday bringing somebody to the hospital.  Left for home this morning.  Today is Harold’s birthday.  He’s 24!

Here’s what else was happening 80-years-ago today

Franklin D. Roosevelt was unanimously renominated for President at the Democratic National Convention. John N. Garner was renominated that same day for Vice President.

Princ Teh Wang.jpgPrince De Wang was installed as the puppet ruler of Japanese-controlled Inner Mongolia



A new New Yorker and Saturday Evening Post


June 27, 1936. The ladies of the sky, women air pilots, roared into Spokane from all points of the compass to take part in Spokane's first women's air meet at Felts Field. Pictured are four pilots, each of whom was a skilled navigator with her own plane. From left to right: Mrs. C.L. Smith, wife of Seattle's former mayor; Miss Dorothy Sartori, Spokane; Mrs. Dora D. Skinner, Yakima, and Mrs. Eric Anderson, Missoula. Photo archive/The Spokesman-Review
Photo archive/The Spokesman-Review

Women air pilots roared into Spokane from all points of the compass to take part in Spokane’s first women’s air meet at Felts Field




The first visitors enter the gates on opening day of the Great Lakes Exposition of 1936, aka the World’s Fair, in Cleveland, Ohio.




Chicago Daily Tribune June 27, 1936
Chicago Daily Tribune June 27, 1936

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