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Sunday March 24, 1935

(This is an entry from the journal entitled Mexico Summer written by Elizabeth Lancaster Carsey 80-years-ago.  Click here to read more)



Letter from Carsey and one from Jeanette. Spring is really here.  Flowers , trees in bud, green grass, etc.  Wish I had a spring outfit to wear!





March 22, 1935

Dear Elizabeth,

 I would like to have heard your speech in Spanish before La Cruz Azul.  It seems to me that I remember the organization as being “La Cruz Roja.”  I certainly would have shivvered before a group of Spanish-speaking people if I had been in your place.

You speak of interesting week-ends.  We have not had one here since the operas were in El Paso.  Jaime just last Sunday complained that there had not been one even fairly decent day since he could remember.

But school-work does keep one busy.  Especially when one is appointed to debate coach and tennis coach in addition to the other multifarious duties.  I really objected to being tennis coach this year for I know so little about it and play such a rotten game of tennis myself.  But being coach doesn’t amount to much and required little technical ability — just practice on serves and back-hands.  I do know something about debating and have rather enjoyed the work.  You ought to hear Mary Jo debate.  The subject for Texas is “Resolved: That all public utilities (electric light and power) should be owned and operated by the government.”  We are to debate Marfa Monday night.   Mary Jo and Minna Boyd are to take the negative and Bill McVay and D.C. Moore have the affirmative.  The girls are the srongest and Bill is the weakest but he is comical and always amuses the audience by his antics and comical gestures.

In Spanish this year I have particularly been successful in singing Spanish songs.  Manuel Morales and a tall Mexican youth named Cecelio have made it possible.  I believe I mentioned Farolito before.It is a late popular Mexican production of Augstin Lara of Mexico City who writes songs once a week but every once in a while one is good — as good as popular songs get.  We have also learned Negra Consentida and a still prettier one of the Marie Greever that we dont know the correct name of ; it is generally called ‘Yo te quiero mucho’ because of the catchy tune of the words in the song but that isn’t its name.

Still dont know whether I shall go to the University of Texas, Mexico City or anywhere.  But the school board might decide for me.  There is political rumbling that can be heard.  It irks Mr. Moore ( who married by mail month before last) for Jamie, Letha and me to play bridge in Catherine’s apt on school nights.  Nightwatchman Moore in on the school board. 

How have you decided to spend the summer?  Do you entertain any sort of ideas of going back to Mexico’s Capital?

Only 8 more weeks until school is out! I think that makes it the 18th or the 17th of May.  I imagine your school will come out a week later on account of Christmas.  The trip to El Paso is materializing with rapidity.  I think I shall spend the interim of time until you come in McCamey.

Have just been down to the office and found your letter.   Yes the idea does appear attractive — in fact, more attractive than anything I can think of.  But in my present status it has a hitch in it.  Like all other ventures, to carry it to completion there must be some agency at hand to carry it out.  Political jobs, far from being handed out thru merit only, require a definite connection with some influential person or institution.   Right now I have no such relationship, but  do have an opportunity to get into the oil business (in theory anyway), I have been mulling over the possibilities there.  I can imagine nothing better than consular or any type of foreign government service work.   I remember looking with almost envy on the fellows I saw in the American consulate in Mexico City.   Too, I am interested in developing my Spanish and that (among other) reasons I would like to return to last f summer’s habitat.  The idea of your’s is superb.  Wish I could formulate a definite plan to put it into execution.

Had the tennis eliminations for the school this afternoon.  Or rather started them. Mary Jo played Cora Nell Wagnon and excellent game but lost.  Maxine Smith beat Barbara to sets consecutively.

Went up to see Jaime tonight at the plant — for he is at work — and we chewed tobacco and gossiped for an hour.

Que lindo es el cine!  ((how nice is the cinema)) It makes me right angry to see as many shows go thru El Paso, and no opportunity for me to see them.  I don’t remember having the read the Charles Dickens work that you saw portrayed in the show.  I went to our “Community Theatre” to see Cleopatra and couldn’t understand it. 

After reading this over I see 2 grammatical blunders and several mispellings.  Hope these dont irk you.

Your ideas are grand.  Also send me any elaboration or other idea that possesses you.



Here’s what else was happening 80-years-ago today:

Work relief is on the way, the big three take a stand and a new tax drive in the works.

Abeline Reporter-News Abeline, TX March 24, 1935
Abeline Reporter-News Abeline, TX March 24, 1935