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Thursday March 7, 1935

(This is an entry from the journal entitled Mexico Summer written by Elizabeth Lancaster Carsey 80-years-ago.  Click here to read more)

Glorious Day!  The rest of Ty-Ty’s letter came with another shirt from her and a letter from dad, and one from Carsey!  The nicest, newsiest one from him at all. Surely made my day a good one!

 Saw “One Night of Love” last night and thought it beautiful – Grace Moore’s voice is supreme.  Alyce Claire’s grief is terrible.  I wish I knew what to do for her or to say to her.  I feel quite inadequate! United with Velma today – She substituted for Charlotte Klyng who has tonsillitis.


carsey letter 2

March 3, 1935

Dear Elizabeth,

I read with considerable interest you plans for the summer.  I am also wondering what I am to do with myself.  Do you still entertain any idea of going to Mexico City?  The nearer summer comes the more alluring the thought becomes — a cool shower in the early afternoon, complete absence of any sweltering weather, all those sights I failed to see last summer, an all-night dance at the Regis, or a long bull session at unconventional hours with some exotic personality like Dignotty or Pizarello Von Helmsburg.   I have too many conflicting desires, ambitions and all of them cannot be satisfied.  I have probably expatiated to you before my outlook with Humble.  Brother Ben suggests that I take the University of Texas course in field geology this summer and he will see that I get a job as a junior geologist in the fall. What would you do if you were in my place?

No I can’t say that I have wanted either La Mendicidad or the songs.  Singing Spanish songs in class more or less died when Manuel Morales quit school.  Durham didn’t treat him too well because he was a Mexican, and of course, they are naturally indolent as a race.  But I surely do miss him in class. 

The excitement of the week has been debate.  I am the high school coach.  The subject is resolved: That the Electric light utilities should be owned and operated by the government.  For a girls team I selected Mary Jo and Minna Boyd; for boys I have Bill McVay & D.C. Moore.  We debated Sierra Blanca Friday night at Sierra Blanca and had the return debate with them last night.  They (Sierra Blanca) have a huge girl with a ghostly appearance because of excess powder that comes just before Mary Jo.  It certainly is a contrast (and a relief) to hear Mary Jo’s voice after listening to the high squeaky voice especially since Sierra Blanca’s coach has allowed them to memorize their speeches.  I am to take all four of them to Ft. Hancock to judge a debate there tomorrow. 

Speaking of shows I missed a good show last week.  The Plaza in El Paso had on Tolstoy’s We Live Again or was original Resurrection?  I would very much liked to have seen it. 

On the way to the school this afternoon I saw Jaime at Mr. Espie’s house changing some sort of wiring.  I stopped long enough to find that he has to go to some sort of propaganda meeting of the light company tonight.   It would not be advisable to quote him verbatim in this letter on the subject.   Jaime and I are planning another jaunt to El Paso when you come back — possibly on the date that Diantha (?) and Harold leave for California.  When do you get out of school? It is almost incredible that I have nothing saved for the summer as yet!

Do you still study Spanish?  I notice that the Spanish you included at the end of the letter was grammatically without flaw. And, or course,  you still play the pipe organ and piano.  Could you believe it?  Jaime and I have aroused new (or latent) interest in playing the piano.  I have been struggling religiously with a few easy and worn-out classial pieces as the Minuet by Paderewski and Anitras Dance while Jaime  plays the doleful strains of Handel’s ‘Largo’ from Xerxes .  What are you reading?  I have been absorbed in poetry and have discovered some rich poetry and new poets.  Are you familiar with Ogden Nash’s Poetry (?)? Let me quote:

       Here I sit in my office at 244 Madison Avenue

       And I say to myself You’v got a responsible job havenue?

But you ought to read his poem on Columbus called O Christopher look what you’v done.  For more elevating poetry I like the Jewess Nathalia Crane. 

I must close this interminable line sometime,   Dont think this thin sheet an economy measure.  Mr. Oliver came in the office and locked up the bookcase holding the other stationary. — I found a new (to me) song Spanish I liked called Farolito are you familiar with it?

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