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Friday September 21, 1934

No Post today.    She is wrapping up her first month of teaching in Roswell NM.  Still to come she goes to the fair with a date!

As I look through old newspapers, I am surprised to see how many times the name of my Great-Grandfather comes up.  He was a Methodist Missionary, but seemed to get a lot of press.   His name comes up regular in church news, but he also received a lot of press about the Mexican Revolution.   You can tell he was well respected and also well loved by his congregation and when he passed away in 1963.  I found his picture printed in the center of the front page of the Colorado Springs Gazette-Telegraph.  See below.

lancastr obit
October 11, 1963

Here is what else was happening 80-years-ago today:

1934 Typhoon Muroto damage at Shitenno-ji.jpg

The Muroto typhoon struck Japan, killing over 2,700 people.

Paul Dean of the St. Louis Cardinals pitched a 3-0 no-hitter against the Brooklyn Dodgers.  It was the second game of a doubleheader; in the first game, Paul’s brotherDizzy Dean also pitched a complete game shutout of the Dodgers

Chicago Daily Tribune Sept 21, 1934
Chicago Daily Tribune Sept 21, 1934