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Saturday September 8, 1934

Woke up with a headache that was good!   Didn’t even pack , much less move – No letter from home yet – One forwarded from Mahota that was good!

Take a look at what else was happening 80-years-ago today.   Also, check out the Escape from Mexico page.   The refugees are getting restless and now there is word the rebels may use them as pawns to get America’s attention.

The ocean liner Morro Castle caught on fire off the coast of New Jersey. Only six of the twelve lifeboats were lowered and a total of 137 people died in the disaster.

Gunshots were fired at the home of Austrian Vice-Chancellor Ernst Rüdiger Starhemberg. After a commotion the shots were attributed to a careless guard who bumped his rifle against a wall

Albuquerque Journal Sept 8, 1934
Albuquerque Journal Sept 8, 1934