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Thursday August 23, 1934

Decided to get a Pullman at Chihuahua – easier to ride and if the family does not meet me in Juarez, easier to get across. Dad met me in Juarez – and was I glad to see him.

Rev. JP Lanaster

He looks quite thin! Changed what money I had and met him in El Paso.  Checked bags and went out to see Lockmood”s. Stayed for supper.

El Paso
El Paso

Went to town and got weighed – 118 ½! Lost again – Quite a hot trip.   Left El Paso at 9:00 – got home at 1:25.   Everybody there to meet me!

Tuesday August 21, 1934

Packed and did a washing.  Got cigarette case for Fay’s brother,  a magazine in the National Theatre,  two pieces of music and a map of Mexico.   Looked for a dictionary but didn’t find one for less than 9.50 pesos that I’d have.  Found out that Fay and Carsey were right in that Peatones means pedistrians – train stationMr. and Mrs. Ruiz took me to the train but did not buy tickets to Tacuba.  Ho!   However Mrs. Davis and Ethelyn were at the train and put me on – Got sleepy soon after we started and got a rubber pillow – Took off my glasses and broke them again – They were rose-colored (comparatively).   Maybe that means something –
Anyway it has been a grand summer.   None better – Ruiz’s invited me back whenever I come – They surely are lovely people.     lonely Lonely today in Mexico sin mis companeros! (without my companions!)