Thursday October 21, 1937

diary 2The story continues with the second journal. This is an entry from her personal diary, by Elizabeth Lancaster

No post today.

Here’s what else was happening 80-years-ago today:

Children being evacuated  from Gijon


Frente del Norte - Spanish Civil War (March-Sept 1937).svg
Asturias Offensive

The Asturias Offensive and the War in the North ended in Nationalist victory with the capture of Gijón.

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Francisco Franco

Generalissimo Francisco Franco increased his powers with a decree concentrating all the authority into a new National Council, whose members Franco could appoint and dismiss as he wished. Franco assumed the right to name his own successor as well.

Image result for stalin purge october 193762 were executed in Stalin‘s latest purge.

Deutsche Zentrumspartei logo.svg

The Catholic Centre Party in the Free City of Danzig was ordered to dissolve, leaving the Nazi Party as the only party allowed to exist in Danzig.

Image result for october 21, 1937 Howard Hughes’ inspects his Sikorsky S-43 also known as the flying boat

Theawfultruth1937.jpgThe screwball comedy film The Awful Truth starring Irene Dunne and Cary Grant was released.

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