Saturday October 9, 1937

diary 2The story continues with the second journal. This is an entry from her personal diary, by Elizabeth Lancaster


Went to Juarez and got a string of doo dabs for the wall.  Met Mary Jo there, Took her to theImage result for "Emile Zola" 1937 Tivoli Bar for a drink!!! She went with all of us to see “Emile Zola” that night.   Excellent!  Arnold and I went back to Juarez to dance some. I love him, I love him!

Here’s what else was happening 80-years-ago today:

Benito Mussolini Duce.jpg
Benito Mussolini

Benito Mussolini turned down an invitation from Britain and France to attend a conference on the question of foreign volunteers in Spain.

Italy sent a note of support to Japan for exercising “the right of self defense”




A new Saturday Evening Post and New Yorker magazine

Image result for october 9, 1937Image result for october 9, 1937

The Giants take the Yankees in game 4 of the World Series 7-3

Image result for world series 1937 game 4

National Council of Negro Women meet in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,

Image result for october 9, 1937





A dog tries to driveImage result for october 9, 1937

Image result for october 9, 1937 herald


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