Friday August 24, 1934

(no entry)   We know she is spending time with family in El Paso and preparing for the move to Roswell, NM for her second teaching job.

A little note about things to look forward to.  Stay tuned to find out when will she hear from Carsey again and who she dates while she waits?

Here’s what else was happening 80-years-ago today:

Haile Selassie (1969).jpgEthiopian Emperor Haile Selassie ordered civilians to leave Addis Ababa and disperse across the country in order to reduce casualties from the anticipated aerial bombardment by Italian planes.


The Agricultural Adjustment Act Amendment was enacted in the United States.

The funeral of Brigadier General W.O. Dodds takes place in Montreal.


grandmaIn the meantime, I thought I’d tell you a little about the grandmother I knew. You can tell by her journal she was very articulate and intelligent. She was also the most positive person I’ve ever met. She is someone you would always want to be around simple because she was happy.   ( That’s probably why Carsey waited a half hour for her that last night in Mexico – she was as contagious as her writing!)   Even when she lost the use of both her legs and was confined to a wheel chair – her eyes sparkled as she spoke and she never complained.  I think being around her was like being around a baby.  It was just a happy, pleasant and positive experience – you always wanted more.  She loved flowers, colors and most of all music. If you came into her little red house with the green living room and found her crying…you would also find some sort of music playing on the record player.

She even liked to watch Tom and Jerry cartoons with us grandchildren – go back and check – they play classical music during the chase!  My goal has always been to strive to be as happy as my grandmother.  She did not seem to care about the material things in life – just people – and that made everyone she met care about her.

The discovery of the journal is very exciting and eye-opening. I hope you continue to tag along with me on her journey!

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