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Saturday May 11, 1935

(This is an entry from the journal entitled Mexico Summer written by Elizabeth Lancaster Carsey 80-years-ago. Click here to read more)

may 111

Long letter from Carsey – He is sending me one of his own articles published!  and the book he was so interested in ! Ojala – Bernard sent me one of those dime chain letters – am I ever sending it back!  Ms. Wolf phoned she will come by about five to take me out to spend the night  – Lenore Shafer is going too.  We went to the Flower Show before leaving town.  I learned several different flowers names – above all I know a peony!? We four played bridge until 11:30 or after.  Talked them until bed at 12:30.  Lenore and I continued to talk til almost 1:30!! We named the corners of the room!

Dear Elizabeth:                                                                                  Thursday May 9, 1935

I am sorry that I did not see you before you left last Sunday.  I didn’t want to present myself Sunday before I had repaired some from loss of sleep.  Consequently, after eating a noon I went to the hotel, set the alarm for an hour’s sleep, got up to shave and Jaime came in with the news that you had just left.

I wish you were here for the High School dance:  Jaime has a date with Maxine Smith.  Too bad that Mary Jo can not go.  It is an invitation affair for the high school group is too small by itself.  We have invited people we think will conduct themselves properly.  All the girls dance but only a small part of the boys do.

Mary Jo came to school yesterday and is well again.  I went over one day this week and found Mrs. Lancaster looking up the Black Death of 1348.  Immediately we concluded that Mary Jo had it.  She reminded us tho the Bubonic Plague was caused by rats so we gave up the clue.

Jaime and I climbed on top of Toolen’s and the hotel yesterday.  His job was to repair the Neon signs.  We changed ‘arage’ to Garage and ‘otel’ to Hotel.

Under separate cover I am reluctantly sending a copy of a magazine (?) article that I wrote.  I am not tremendously proud of this publication.  They took out the only part of the article that I felt I had done a good job on: the courses and professors (of summer school in Mexico City) of the institution.  The people in El Paso who put out the magazine heard that I had been down there and asked me to scribe the description of Beteta’s class and Beteta himself; and on the whole I thought it was the only thing of interest that the whole paper possessed.  The editor cut that part out.

Do you get circular letters? I have gotten only 2 so far and have not answered either.  Mr. Oliver is excited over the prospects and wants to start one himself.  He heard that someone in El Paso had bought a new Ford with dimes that came thru letters.

Time flies.  School is out one week from tomorrow and two weeks from tomorrow I see you again .  Even at that I’d say that its a long time.  Have you decided when you will be in El Paso?  Jaime told me yesterday that he could not get off until Saturday according to the present outlook.

I am also sending the book that I was reading when you were here.  Pumpkin Coach  by Louis Paul.  It will hold your interest all the way thru. Particularly good is the religious philosophy of a priest toward the end of the book.  I made a few slight marks there in spite of the fact it is not my book.

I see that this letter is attaining in length without the corresponding element of news or interest.

Hasta que viene el dia venticinco, espero.  De sus saludes de me exito mil gracias.  Me haces el favor de nunca olvidarme.*



*Until 25 days come, I hope and salute your success. I ask you to please never forget me.

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President Franklin D. Roosevelt establishes the Rural Electrification Agency through Executive Order 7037






Disney’s “Water Babies” hit the big screen.