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Wednesday May 5, 1937

The story continues with the second journal.  This is an entry from her personal diary, diary 2by Elizabeth Lancaster Carsey 80-years-ago. Click here to read more.

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Here’s what else was happening 80-years-ago today:

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Spanish Prime Minister Francisco Largo Caballero sent the Guardia de Asalto to Barcelona to put down the May Days violence.


Stanley Baldwin ggbain.35233.jpg
The Earl Baldwin of Bewdley

British Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin pleaded for labour peace ahead of the coronation of George VI as the bus strike threatened to spread


Image result for may 5, 1937Workers resume work on Abraham Lincoln’s chin at Mount Rushmore, after breaking for winter, South Dakota, Black Hills


Chicago Daily Tribune May 5, 1937
Chicago Daily Tribune May 5, 1937

Wednesday August 29, 1934

(no entry) We know she is spending time with family in El Paso and preparing for the move to Roswell for her second teaching job.

What’s ahead for this working gal in the Wild West – stay tuned to find out why Ty-Ty scolds her after  receiving flowers from Elizabeth following an operation.

But here’s a look at what was happening in the news 80-years-ago-today.

The engagement of Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester and Lady Alice Montagu Douglas Scott was announced.

Andrés Ignacio Menéndez became President of El Salvador.


The adventure film The Count of Monte Cristo starring Robert Donat and Elissa Landi was released.


romney paper
Interesting headline from the El Paso Herald-Post August 29, 1934




Arnold and Elizabeth 1953

While Elizabeth is on hiatus, I have invited guest writers.  This poem is one from her daughter-in-law Dixie Carsey.  Who has published her own book of poetry.  It describes the first time she met her future in-laws. 

She was buoyant!

He was tall.

She was sprite

A gentleman was he, and enjoyed friends, all!


Meeting these two

would change the way

I look at family

even to this day

They were both teachers

but who would guess

that I’d be their number one pupil

and I hope I passed the test.

Their years of love and giving

would be gifts that I’d unwrap

and allow me to grow with my own children

with nothing expected back

I met these two individuals

for the first time you see

and it changed the way I saw the world

and even a part of me.

I wanted more of these genuine folks

but amiss I had to head back.

Lucky me I soon married their son

 and knew a family I’d never lack. 

Dixie Carsey 2014