Wednesday November 20, 1935

1935 ad for Chesterfield Cigarettes: (This is an entry from the journal entitled “Mexico Summer” written by Elizabeth Whipple Lancaster Carsey 80-years-ago)


Met the two other new preachers  and their wives at the Worker’s council.  Bernard and I went to Pete and Velma’s until Mrs. Johnson came by.  ‘Most like old times’- Mr. Gill still teaching me about my cigarettes.  He insists that I accept one of his Camels and I insist I have nothing but Chesterfiends –



Here’s what else is happening 80-years-ago today:

Mussolini declared government control of all the gold in Italy. All sellers of gold would be required to declare their holdings and record every transaction, and gold could not be sold without first offering it to the government at a 5 percent interest rate.

Chicago Daily Tribune Nov 20, 1935
Chicago Daily Tribune Nov 20, 1935



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